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The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

The hanging of Christmas stockings varies from household to household. Whether you hang them when you haul out the holly and all the other holiday decorations the day after Thanksgiving, or you wait until Christmas Eve for maximum anticipation, there’s something inherently special about the hanging of the stockings. We asked ourselves (or possibly “our elves” in this case!) why this particular tradition is so special and came up with a few thoughts.

  1. Stockings are magical. What other item, fashioned in the shape of an everyday, ordinary item, gets filled by a beloved legendary figure who comes down the chimney to fill them? Children go to bed at night and the stockings are empty. In the morning, they are magically full of treats and surprises and are the first things joyfully opened. They deliver candy for breakfast, for goodness sake! Christmas stockings are the happy opening act.
  2. Stockings are personal. Whether they have your name embroidered on them, done in glitter glue or have been handed down generation to generation, your stocking is your stocking. Maybe it’s your favorite color, or represents your favorite team. Maybe someone lovingly made it just for you, or selected it as a gift. Whatever makes it uniquely yours, there’s just something about taking it out of its wrappings where it was placed the previous January that brings a smile to your face.
  3. Stockings are fun. Stocking stuffers are where gift givers get to be creative and goofy! Where else could you put boxer shorts, socks, toothbrushes (and bacon-flavored toothpaste!) alongside favorite treats, gift cards, coupons offering to make a romantic dinner or give a back rub or wash the dog. That’s the thing about stockings: you just never know what to expect inside them. They’ve even been known to hold some pretty special gifts from time to time, the kind that include dropping to one knee, a gasp and a resounding “Yes!”
  4. Stockings are timeless. Even long after coming to the sad reality that [SPOILER ALERT!] Santa really doesn’t come down the chimney to fill your stocking, stockings don’t lose their magic, for the reasons listed above and more. The tradition, the magic, the surprise and the fun are all still there for the young and the young at heart.

JJ Holmes is proud to create these magical treasures. Made here in the USA, our stockings are handmade with high-quality fabrics that will stand the test of time. Our sequins, fur and razzle dazzle style add an extra element of all things merry and bright to your holidays.

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